About us

The Deutsche Freestyle Mountainbike Tour – DFMT Series is the largest national freestyle MTB contest series in the world, with more than 15 events all over Germany, every year.

Since 2015 freestyle MTB events in the disciplines (Slopestyle, Dirtjump, Park, Freeride, Big Air and Big Mountain) have been linked to the Deutsche Freestyle Mountainbike Tour to give the sport a transparent and professional structure.

First-class events are combined with national and international top riders in the Deutsche Freestyle Mountainbike Tour in order to promote the sport without neglecting the new generation and the fun of the sport.

In the individual events, called contests, the drivers are awarded a certain number of points for the DFMT Series overall ranking, so the winners in the different classes (pro, amateur, women, team pro, team amateur) are determined.

Fans around the world can use various online platforms to follow the Deutsche Freestyle Mountainbike Tour. The DFMT Series can already rely on Instagram for nearly 40,000 followers. Added to this are Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, as well as the platforms of our advertising partners.