Amir Kabbani shows in his new video RAW 60, that he still belongs to the best freestyle MTB riders in all of Germany.

At the age of 13 Amir Kabbani saw for the first time some guys riding on their mountain-bikes through the forest. He also wanted to do this sport directly. The sport fascinated him so much that he rode not only his bike. But also he built more and more trails and jumps with his friends. These were getting bigger and bigger from time to time.

Photo: Danielroosfotografie

In 2004/05 he started at downhill and dual speed events for the first time. But like many of us, it was much more fun to jump than to race. That’s why he was training hard to learn some tricks so he could participate in contests.

In 2006, he started for the first time in a contest of the Homegrown Tour and landed directly in second place. He quickly switched to the Pro class and won his first Slopestyle contest directly at the Dirt Masters at Bikepark Winterberg. This was followed by his first contract, which he signed at Cannondale. In the same year, he was still able to compete at the legendary Red Bull District Ride in Nuremberg.

Photo: Christoph Laue

After finishing the school in 2007, he decided to pursue a career as a professional freestyle mountain biker and moved to Munich to be able to train in the Tretlager Hall every day. This was followed by further victories and podium finishes at major freestyle MTB contests. He was also invited to the Super Bowl in freestyle mountain biking at the Red Bull Joyride at the Whistler bike park. In 2017 his Homespot Bikepark Boppard was also a gold event of the Deutsche Freestyle Mountainbike Tour – DFMT Series.

Today, Amir Kabbani is one of the most important freestyle mountain bikers in German history and we are very glad he has not had enough. What he has accumulated in experience over the past few years on his bike, you can see in the following video!

Amir Kabbani RAW 60