This weekend decides at the Deutsche Freestyle Mountainbike Tour – DFMT Series, who will be German Champion 2017. Before the last tourstop, DFMT Series SchanzenJam Vol.II on 30.09, everything is still open in the amateur class as well as in the pro class. So we give you an insight, what the current situation looks like and who could end up on top.

DFMT Series Amateur Class

Nick Schubarth has the best starting position as the current leading amateur with 2703 points overall and 160 points ahead of second place. However, the guy from Brühl unfortunately broke his collarbone in the training last weekend at the DFMT Series Vollgas Jam Vol.VI and can thus only watch and hope for the title. At this point, from us again a good improvement, Nick!

Photo: Jürgen Albrecht Sport-Photographie

Jonas Sonnenberg is also like his mate Nick from Brühl and is currently ranked second with 2543 points. He is the hot favorite in the race for the title of German Champion 2017. But he must occupy at least 5th place on the Schanzenfeld Hungen to end on 1st Place in the overall at the DFMT Series amateur ranking.

Photo: Niklas Mengden

Friedger Schönberger makes the current podium complete with 2450 points. So that he can be celebrated as a German champion in 2017, he has to be at least 3rd place at the DFMT Series SchanzenJam Vol.II. Jonas Sonnenberg can not be better than 4th place.

Photo: Johannes Dausner

Marius Butterweck would also have the theoretical chance to win the title. But as he is already preparing for the upcoming season at Bikepark Whistler (Canada), he does not have the opportunity to be part of the season finale.

Photo: Sebastian Witti Photography

Martin Riedl finished at the DFMT Series Vollgas Jam Vol.VI with a top result last week and could now finish first in the overall with 3 points over Nick Schubarth with a victory in Hungen.

Photo: Johannes Dausner

DFMT Series Pro Class

Erik Fedko, currently the best German in the FMB World Tour Ranking, is also on top of the DFMT Series. He has a comfortable lead of 400 points on place 2. Thus he would already rank 9 at the DFMT Series SchanzenJam Vol.II to become German champion again.

Photo: Nico Gilles

Lukas Schäfer is currently ranked second in the DFMT Series Pro ranking with 2600 points. He needs a 4th place to pass Erik Fedko. But Erik Fedko may not be better than 23th place in the season finale, which is very unlikely as he has always landed on the podium at the events of the Deutsche Freestyle Mountainbike Tour.

Photo: Nico Gilles

Jacob Sohler is currently with 2600 points point-by-point with Lukas Schäfer and therefore the same prerequisites apply to him. If it does not reach for place 1, it will definitely be a hot fight for second place.

Photo: Lars Pamler –

All in all, a very exciting season final is guaranteed at the Schanzenfeld Hungen this weekend. You can find more information about the event and the overall ranking here!